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A guide on using the right window blinds

Are you remodeling your home's interiors and want to replace your outdated curtains with something more trendy and feature-rich? If window blinds are what you're after, you'll need to consider the unique characteristics of each room in your house before purchasing blinds that fit the bill.

Smart Automatic Blinds for Skylights (Ceilings)

This is the digital age, and smart houses are the norm. With the advancement of modern technology and Artificial Intelligence, the level of automation that can be achieved these days is almost limitless. 

Beyond what regular windows can provide, skylights give spaces a brighter, more open, and airy sense. However, just like regular windows, skylights can let in scorching summer rays, warming a place; they can also let chilly air in during the winter. Direct sunshine and glare can also be problematic (think afternoon napping or movie binging). We have automatic skylight window solutions that can help with everything from energy efficiency to glare reduction.

Ziptrack for Balconies

For the balcony: Ziptrack blinds

Use motorised Ziptrack blinds to create a brand new space in your balcony, turning it into a place for entertainment. You will also be well shielded from weather changes and provide a private space for you to hang out in. The materials are durable and last well against outdoor elements. 

roman blinds 3

For the living room: Luminette, Silouhette, Fabric & Pirouette blinds

We have ample options to cover your living room windows with. These lovingly crafted shades offer you timeless beauty and contemporary fashion appeal alongside excellent light and privacy control and an ability to merge with every décor seamlessly. 

Roller Blinds

For the Home Office
Duette Blinds, Luminette Blinds, Roller Blinds and Venetians 
While most of us have always had study rooms and work places in our homes, the current pandemic situation has necessitated the establishment of a completely functional and comfortable home office. Our vertical blinds and Luminette can help you create the ideal home office setup. You can use them to cover big floor-to-ceiling windows or even regular windows in a variety of ways.


For the Bedroom

Duette Lightlock has a 96% Blackout effect. Roman blinds made of finely woven fabric also make the room cozier and allow you to have a more restful feel in your bedroom. They also complement the rest of your decor and make the room look cushy and intimate.

Specialty Windows

Arches are one of the most prevalent forms of specialty windows, and they provide architectural flair and character to a home. Traditional, elongated, quarter-round, half-moon, half-circle, eyebrow, and Gothic forms are among the various sizes and configurations available. Arched windows, for all their charm, can be difficult to manage in terms of privacy and light management.

That doesn't mean you have to be content with unadorned arched windows. Hunter Douglas has a wide selection of custom arched window coverings that provide privacy and light control, making it simple to complete the aesthetic of your room, no matter what your décor is.

Shutter Blinds
roman blinds 2
Venetian 2

Other areas (bathroom, yard etc;)
Consider Venetian window blinds (Aluminum, PVC or Wood) for a balanced and aesthetic effect.

There you have it, and we, at Enchanted Home, are here to inspire you to bring in renewed creativity into your interiors.

Contact us should you need personalised recommendations for your home.

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