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Guide to Wallcoverings


With elements like embossed material, wallcoverings may provide texture and dimension to a room, allowing it to stand out even in the most neutral of colors. Wallpapers are far more durable than paint when properly placed and professionally installed. There are various sorts of wallpapers that can be used to achieve various effects in your home.


The use of a warmer color palette paired with delicate florals provides a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Use of texture adds character into your walls.


Murals are excellent for creating a room's backdrop. They're frequently pieces of art in and of themselves, telling their own story. They're wonderful for feature walls and give a place a creative vibe. Wall murals will provide a stunning aesthetic component to your home that will capture your and your guests' imaginations.


Modern contemporary patterns will add some sophistication to your room. Your furniture would best be minimalistic to be paired with a wallcovering of a more advanced design.

Floral Wallcoverings
Floral Wallcoverings

When combined with basic modern furniture, the result is an entirely different aesthetic from what is commonly seen with floral wallpapers. If your chosen wallpaper has a strong flowery print, balance it out with a lot of plain surfaces.


Metallic wallpapers are excellent for adding a second layer of texture to a room. They're also great for reflecting light and giving a room a warm atmosphere because to their reflective characteristics. They provide an aura of luxury and refinement to a place while creating visual intrigue and stimulating the senses with their tactile properties. They're also helpful for concealing flaws in walls.

Cubic Geometric

Geometric patterned wallpaper gives a place a trendy and edgy feel. They're perfect for modern interiors, with everything from Scandi elegance to dramatic design statements. Geometric prints are ideal for creating the illusion of more open space in a room.


Botanical themes are still trendy and give off an eco-friendly vacation resort ambience to your space. 


Look for a Dramatic design that blends a dramatic color palette of rich colours and imagery to complete the wow factor in your areas if you want to create an impact.

There you have it, and we, at Enchanted Home, are here to inspire you to bring in renewed creativity into your interiors.

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