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Interior Colour Guide

These colors are perfect whether you want to calm a busy space or give a dull area some excitement..

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You may express yourself confidently and with less self-consciousness thanks to its vivid color. When you want to feel younger, use it at home. It is the color of joy and laughter. Add a bordered notecard on a side table, an orange drapery to your bedroom, or a wall accent to your child's room.


Black and white represent the importance of complexity and dualism in a society that is more color-based and simplified. They provide us with an aesthetic that is anything but bland while challenging the visual cues of our reality.


It is the dominant hue in nature and represents the wealth of life. It symbolizes new beginnings and growth. It will inspire you to value your special talents and make them manifest in the real world. Try the entrance door, a side table, or a green chair.


BLUE (Light Blue)

Your thoughts will become more clear as a result, enabling you to sort through the noise and determine what matters most to you. It enables you to combine the huge and small pictures. When you need to make a choice, dress in dark blue. Try it at home on upholstery or curtains.

blackout curtain 3.jfif


Spirituality is enhanced by light purple.
It will enable you to communicate on a greater level. Purple promotes a new way of looking at emotional problems. It will strengthen your sense of humanity by serving as a reminder of our interconnectedness. Use it at home to increase compassion and make friends feel like family. Try a diary, a fresh bouquet, or a purple wallcovering.

Floral Wallcoverings


Invigorating in nature, it encourages bravery and confidence. When you want to boost your self-confidence, wear this color. However, too much red might irritate or thrill you excessively. A little bit is often enough. Consider red elements on wallpaper, a frame for your photo, or upholstery.

Yellow Wallpaper.jpeg


Increases Your Focus with Yellow. This hue is renowned for boosting mental sharpness and intelligence. It can elicit discussion and make ideas more clear. Try a side chair, a bookmark, or a yellow pencil.



Opens the Heart. The color of love is pink, which is calming and kind. It encourages sensitivity and provides solace through emotional upheaval. When you want to improve understanding and receptivity in a room, use it. Consider a pink cushions, seats, or even simply a bottle of rosé wine.


Deep Red 
It encourages desire and excitement. Utilize it to help you get through emotional barriers and inhibitions that hinder you from expressing yourself. It will serve as a reminder to appreciate life and show your body love. Try an ottoman, lampshade, or wallcovering in a deep crimson color.

There you have it, and we, at Enchanted Home, are here to inspire you to bring in renewed creativity into your interiors.

Contact us should you need personalized wallcovering, draperiers and upholstery recommendations for your home.

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